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April 21, 2009


green ideas

green ideas

Earth Day is a day designated to increase awareness and respect for the Earth’s environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 and is celebrated in numerous countries annually.

We all, or most of us anyway, would agree that it’s “good to be green”. The hard part is balancing the obvious benefits with the commitment necessary to achieve results. Here are a few “easy” ways to color yourself the shade of “Green” that suits your lifestyle & your level of commitment! Take your pick… just make a start and stick with it. Talking about going green won’t get you there…. you have to take action… then you can truly celebrate yourself… AND Earth Day!


yousendit is a great way to save trees! It’s a website that offers a free way to upload large files and then email that link to the person that needs to receive it. They can click on the link that takes them to a page where they can download and save the file to their computer… then choose which portion of the document they want or need to print. This also helps the sender because normally, if the file size is too large to send by email, the document has to be printed and mailed to the receiver! Easy, free, & green!


greenprintworld is another fantastic way to save trees (and ink & toner… by the way!). This free software helps solve a problem that we all confront on a daily basis: Wasted paper & ink. The way it works… you download the printer driver to your computer. You can choose it as your default printer if you wish or you can choose to use greenprint printer to print a document. The printer then cues the pages so that you can look at them before you print and choose only the pages that you need to print! Simple, free, & Green!

For those pages that find their way into your trash can anyway…. reach in there and scoop them up… cut them up for scrap paper or insert into the printer and print on the other side! For documents that need to be shredded, stuff the shreds into a bag and use them to make gift baskets (put under tissue paper to use as stuffing) or put into boxes of fragile mailables… so many “Green Ideas” so little time… but you get the idea! We’d love to hear how you have honored “Mother Earth” today!

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