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May 1, 2009


I recently was listening to a local Tampa Bay News program that featured a guest that talked about a 20 year study that was done on a group of individuals (about 4,700 people in Framingham, Mass.) by American researchers and published in the British journal BMJ, as part of a 20-year heart study. The amazing results of this study were that happiness is contagious!

Moreover, people pass on that “good cheer” even to total strangers. Researchers also found the transferred happiness is good for up to a year! Now some of you (probably the unhappy ones of us!) might scoff at this research and say “Wow… big deal… that’s frivilous, trivial information that may be interesting but not useful!” You couldn’t be more negative, misguided, or wrong! Happiness is not just a state of being, but downright crucial to our short term and, even more so, our long term health! Being happy brings numerous other benefits, as described by an article in Fox News here, including having a protective effect on your immune system so you produce fewer stress hormones. AND if you are the kind of person that is not motivated to do something that benefits just yourself (Moms out there who don’t have TIME for yourselves…listen to this!) the fact that happiness is also contagious not only will benefit you… but it’s a gift that you can give to anyone that you love!

happiness21 WOW! What more motivation do we need to make the effort? Take the journey, find out what makes you happy… then… make sure to make those things a BIG part of your life!


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