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May 17, 2009

Realtors DON’T Suck…. Realtors Aid The Communities They Serve! (Keller Williams Red Day!)

May 14, 2009 was officially the first, in a series of annual events, KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY RED DAY.

What is Keller Williams Realty RED Day?

RED (Renew, Energize and Donate) Day is a new Keller Williams Realty service initiative dedicated to improving our local communities. On May 14, 2009 all Keller Williams Realty associates in the US and Canada took time away from their real estate businesses to not only participate in community projects… we actually created our OWN community projects for renewing and energizing our local communities. Because of her constant commitment to the culture of our company, this day has been dedicated in honor of our Vice Chairman, Mo Anderson. The company “vision” for this day is that, annually, all Keller Williams associates will actively engage in a coordinated effort to improve their local communities and also, inspire & challenge other Real Estate firms to do the same thing!

KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY OF MANATEE hosted a “Red Day” blood drive (with the Manatee County Red Cross) and highway clean-up project (SR 64 East). The Red Cross expectation for the blood drive, given the size of the mobile unit sent and hours to service donors, was about 18 donors. We far exceeded that number with final figures totaling around 30 donors for the day! It was a wonderful feeling and experience for our agents… putting the focus for the day on community, people, and service… brought us back to the realization and rediscovery of why we chose to be “Keller Williams Agents” in the first place. On a lighter and more humorous note (now that first aid has been administered and everyone is OK!) …. we only had 2 1/2 casualties for the day…. 2 of our agents fainted after giving blood. One in the parking lot walking back from the Red Cross van … an ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital and ultimately given a clean bill of health and released… and one agent, who was about to faint sitting in a chair sipping juice and eating cookies, saw one of the agents that DID faint going down and rushed to help her to the floor! In the excitement of the moment the agent that assisted the unconscious agent forgot about her own dizziness and never lost consciousness! YES…. WE LOVED OUR FIRST RED DAY!


Here are some examples of how other Keller Williams agents support and will continue to support their local communities and citizens!



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