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May 29, 2011

Never Forget… A Memorial Day Tribute and Thank You!

Keller Williams Realty of Manatee Veterans
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Our National Memorial Day Holiday was originally called “Decoration Day” and was officially proclaimed a national holiday on May 5, 1868. Its first observance was on May 30th of that same year. Memorial Day was designated as a national holiday for the purpose of honoring Americans that were killed during war, while in service to their country.

It should be a time to pause, reflect on our history, to recall war time events, to take to heart the lessons that those events have taught us, and to honor ultimate sacrifices that were made in order to promote peace and to keep our nation and its citizens secure.

In 1882, “Decoration Day” was renamed “Memorial Day” and was officially and lawfully recognized by that name by the Federal Government in 1967. A year later, in 1968, Congress passed a bill (which became effective in 1971) moving the Memorial Day holiday to the last Monday in May. This was done, reportedly, to create a more accommodating 3 day weekend for US citizens.

Many Veteran and Military organizations have expressed the opinion that changing the date to create convenient holiday weekends has diluted and undermined the original meaning, importance, and respect that precipitated the action of and purpose for establishing these holidays, and that also birthed their inception and creation in the first place.

Sadly, it seems that more frivolous beginning of summer ‘long weekend activities’ have come to overshadow the true meaning and observance of the Memorial Day holiday. This is truly nothing for us to be proud of! Thousands of fallen soldiers did not give their all so that we could simply enjoy a 3 day picnic or beach weekend!

Perhaps the Veterans’ holidays should be returned to their original dates in order to refocus the attention and observance of these holidays on the honorable men and women who have, and still do, make selfless sacrifices on behalf of the American people.

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer a ‘Memorial Day Tribute’ and to say a personal thank you to U.S. Veterans everywhere… past, present, and future. I honor the fallen who have made the ultimate sacrifice to provide the freedom and secure life that I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy today.

I have the good fortune of working side by side, daily, with a few strong and brave individuals in my office at Keller Williams of Manatee, who served our country proudly and honorably and who are, thankfully, still here to help us all to never forget the true meaning behind Memorial Day:

* John Doubet – U.S Navy 1970-2001
* Bob Serena – U.S. Marines 1965-1969
* Berndt Wolpers – U.S. Army Reserve 1959-1964
* Howard Serena – U.S. Navy – 1968-1971
* Norman Copp – U.S. Army Military Police 1956-1961

Thank You, my dear friends and colleagues!

May I suggest that, throughout this holiday weekend, when you meet up with a friend or family member who has experienced the loneliness, isolation, fear, and terror of war, on our behalf, that you take a minute to smile, look them in the eye, hug them, and let them know that you’ll never forget what they did or what they continue to do? That, my friends, will also restore the true meaning to the Memorial Day weekend celebration!

authored by
wendy herndon,bradenton realtor


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