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December 30, 2012

FHA Loan Fees Are Scheduled To Increase… Again in 2013!

FHA mortgage update

In case you haven’t heard… FHA loan fees are scheduled to increase… again in 2013!

These changes are projected to be in effect by the early part of 2013, and would raise FHA mortgage insurance rates from 1.25% to 2.05% per year.  That percentage increase translates to about an $800 hike in loan costs per year for every $100,000, being financed by an FHA loan, for a home purchase.  Additionally, this news also means that, potentially, the loan amount that a home buyer could qualify for would also drop by $10,000 per $100,000 being financed by an FHA mortgage.

The proposed hike in FHA mortgage insurance premiums, for a large number of home buyers, will negatively affect their ‘home purchasing power.’   The price of a home that a buyer could qualify to purchase, when these increased fees are factored in, will most likely be greatly reduced and some home buyers, in certain price ranges, could even be locked out of the market completely.

What does that means to you, if you’re planning to purchase a home with an FHA mortgage?  It means that now, rather than later, is the right time to start your search for your new home!

FHA mortgage insurance rate hikes, coupled with lower inventory of homes in certain price ranges, and rebounding home prices in many areas, indicates that people who plan to purchase a home in 2013 should consider doing so in the early part of the year to take full advantage of their ‘home purchasing power.’

If you are planning to sell your home in 2013, you can also apply this news to your plans. It’s a good bet that more buyers will be, most likely, in the market to purchase homes early in the new year which would mean that there will be a larger ‘home buyer pool’ and more interest  for your property if it’s on the market in early 2013.

If you’re not sure what property values are for your neighborhood or community, contact a trusted real estate professional for a ‘Market Analysis’ report.  This analysis will give you an educated look at whether prices are stabilizing, declining, or rising for your subdivision or community, and based on those facts you can decide, with your agent’s professional guidance, when the time is right for you to put your home on the market for sale.

If you live in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee County, or Sarasota County areas of Florida, or own an investment, vacation, or part-time residence here, The Serena Group would be happy to provide a market report, with no strings and free of charge, for your home… just contact us today to make your request!

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March 14, 2012

How-To: Restore Your Yard after a Mild Winter in Florida

how to restore your yard after a mild winter
With a relatively small amount of snow accumulation, and milder temperatures around the country, the winter of 2012 stood in sharp contrast to the record-breaking winter of 2011.

Although we don’t have the snow to contend with in Florida, we do, and have had, temperatures dipping into the ‘frost’ category this winter season, which causes our lawns to go ‘dormant,’ stunting and slowing the growth cycle, and in some cases, turning our beautiful green grass to a drabber shade of greenish brown!

Coupled with Spring’s arrival and unusually mild temperatures arriving ahead of schedule and it means that we, as homeowners,  could face a unique set of challenges this spring when it comes to taking care of our lawns.

The following tips, compiled by SavATree, can help homeowners counteract some of the common issues that come with a milder than normal winter season and recover a lush, green landscape this spring:

Turn On the Water – Returning moisture to the crowns of your grass is essential.  As soon as possible, begin watering your lawn to restore nutrients and combat the damage done by high winds. Irrigate long and infrequently rather than daily for short intervals.  It is best to water each zone for 30+ minutes every other day than watering 15 minutes each day.  By longer, infrequent watering the moisture will actually penetrate deeper into the ground resulting in the roots going down deeper for the water; a benefit now and during the stresses of summer heat.

Mow Early and Often –
When it comes to mowing, it’s better to be too early than too late.  As grass grows and pushes last year’s desiccated tissue to the top, sharp blades will take it off cleanly and make room for new, healthy grass.  Mow often as grass grows quickly in the spring, but try to set your blades at 3″ or higher so as not to remove more than 1/3 of leaf blade.  Leaving clippings on your lawn, rather than bagging, will help speed the return of nutrients to the soil.

Aerate – Aerating your lawn will help improve water, air and nutrient movement in the soil and also reduce compaction and break down thatch.  Compaction and thatch make growing grass more difficult, because they impede air and water movement to the soil and work to weaken your lawn’s root system.  Desiccation is also less of an issue for well-aerated soil since water is able to move more freely through it, making the grass above much more resistant to drought.

Control Pests – Milder temperatures typically allow greater numbers of insects to survive the winter and an early spring can mean a longer growing season and more generations of certain insects.  Specifically, residents of  Florida might encounter: chinch bugs, mole crickets, aphids, grub worms, slugs, and snails—this season.   The best way to keep these pests in check is to contact a certified lawn care professional to evaluate your property and recommend a safe and effective solution.

Prevent Disease – When buds begin to swell and break open earlier in the season, diseases such as AnthracnoseBrown Patch,  Cercospora Leaf Spot, and Take-all Root Rot are able to gain an early foothold.  The best approach to protecting against these diseases is preventive.  By addressing and treating for these diseases ahead of time, you can lessen the chance of damage to your trees and shrubs during an early spring.


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June 28, 2011

Moving Tips for Home Buyers and Home Sellers

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moving tips, moving advice, moving resources, relocation information, home buying tips, home selling tips

Moving is high on the list of the most stressful things to go through in life.  If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home, you’re with me in this assessment, I’m sure!

If you’re just beginning the process of listing and selling a home or viewing properties to find the perfect home for your family, excellent resources, expert guidance, and smart organizational tips might be your saving grace.

Putting a little thought and planning into the process on the front end will save you a lot of tense moments on the back-end.

Grab some paper and a pen to make some notes and

read more about stress-free moving tips here…

June 10, 2011

Tips for Bradenton and Sarasota Home Owners!

home sweet home


If you’re a home owner you know that along with the advantages and perks of owning a home comes responsibilities that require you to be informed in order to make good decisions and to take proper action to protect and preserve your family’s investment.

Below are some great tips and advice for home owners from

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May 19, 2011

Understanding Real Estate Representation

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April 13, 2010


THE SERENA GROUP consists of 5 licensed, full time REALTORS® serving the Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee County, East Manatee County, and Sarasota County areas of Florida, with over 75 years of combined “Real Estate Experience & Expertise” specializing in new construction homes, foreclosure homes, golf course homes, properties, heritage harbour homes, and short sale transactions. For home sellers… THE SERENA GROUP has a very aggressive home marketing planContact us for your copy! If you’re selling a home... THE SERENA GROUP is very experienced and knowledgeable about pre-existing homes and new construction homes all over Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee, and Sarasota County… Contact us today for a free home buying consultation… We don’t just want to sell you a home, we want you to understand the process!   Why work with a single Real Estate Agent and have to wait in line to have your concerns and requests addressed?  You don’t have to pay more… to get more. CONTACT THE SERENA GROUP and our TEAM of 5!   PUT OUR TEAM TO WORK FOR YOU TODAY!



February 22, 2010

How To Ask The Right Questions… Before You List Your Bradenton, Sarasota, FL, home for sale… Again!

REAL ESTATE QUESTIONSYour home has been on the market for sale… the listing agreement with your REALTOR has expired… and now you’re wondering what to do.  The most important question you must ask is, “What went wrong?”  The answer may not be within you, but with the Real Estate agent you hired to market and sell your home. Be prepared with the right information so you can interview your prospective agent with confidence and assure you make the right choice this time.

With your biggest asset at stake and weeks of time invested, don’t risk making the same mistake twice!  Make sure your next agent is eminently qualified to sell your home. Don’t make this decision out of obligation to a friend, family member or acquaintance.  Your home listing has expired and it’s easy to develop the identity of having a problem property in the market place. Therefore, it’s vitally important to choose the right agent this time around.

Typically, most people will ask business associates, family or friends to recommend someone they’ve had good luck with… someone they can trust.  Other sellers will watch neighborhood real estate signs to see who is listing many of the homes.  Still others rely upon the reputation of the major national franchise companies.  Then, of course, there’s always the yellow pages. All of these methods could prove to be disastrous!  Read on for a plan that will ensure a sale for your home… by working with the RIGHT Real Estate professionals!









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February 4, 2010

Sell Your Home at the Highest Possible Price! – Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee County, Sarasota County Home Sales

Have you just begun the process of selling your Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee county or Sarasota county home?

Not sure what you highest priorities should be in the long list of thing to do to prepare?

Could you use “no strings” advice from experienced Real Estate Professionals to help make the process more productive and the sale more profitable?  bag of money

If you follow the guidelines in this “Home Selling Tips Report” … you’re sure to have a less stressful “home selling experience” and get the highest price possible! If you’re selling a home in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee county, or Sarasota county areas of Florida... contact THE SERENA GROUP today!

We are “Your Bradenton and Sarasota Real Estate Experts!”

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Want to know what we know about your neighborhood? Use the “Market Snapshot Report” below to find out about the market conditions for your area of Bradenton, Sarasota, Manatee county or Sarasota county in Florida!

SAMPLE REPORT market conditions report

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